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Technopolis Construction Company 

About the Company

Technopolis Constructions Company Private Limited was established in the year 2006 and is registered under Registrar of Companies Act. The Company has grown from building quality apartment complexes to now building high rise towers in Hyderabad. The main objective of the company has always been to build affordable residential spaces for IT professionals and others with all the amenities that are available in any other comparable projects. These endeavors have enabled us to generate a lot of good will among our past customers who are always among the first to buy our upcoming projects. All this success can be credited to the timely execution of the projects.

As of 2021 we have built a total area of 15 lac sqft which total to an approximate 900 number of families who have stood strong with us all these years. We have also built 1 lac sqft of commercial space in various localities of Hyderabad including Madhapur. Our fruitful partnership with landowners have enabled us to undertake these developments which have proved to be mutually beneficial and developing Hyderabad as well.

The company’s plans for expansions including high rise apartments and commercial spaces have been well thought out and with the ventures being implemented this year. We now have plans to increase the scale of operations and undertake even larger projects in the coming years.

Technopolis Constructions